• The Cheshire cat smiling at your Alice in Wonderland party will certainly set the scene. 
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    Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat
  • A focal point to any Masked Ball.  CNC carved for seductiveness and theatre. 'Is that really carved from ice?'
    CNC carved Masquerade Ball Mask Vodka Luge
  • No James Bond party would be complete without his 007 logo gun. Loaded and ready.
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    007 logo gun
  • A Stag's head Vodka Luge is great for any party - especially Jagermeister parties!
  • CNC carving is ideal for detailed sculptures such as this Porsche 911 carved for Porsche UK.
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    Porsche 911 Vodka Luge from Passion for ice
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Summer (yes, Summer) bookings are ahead this year

There is a very diverse crop of orders for Luges and Ice Sculptures this Summer. We are ALL hoping for a nice (dry) and reasonably warm summer (well, we are !) If the rain clouds stay away, garden parties, Bar-be-cues, tea parties and themed events are set for a great, GREAT time.

The range so far includes: Ski Jumps, Alice in Wonderland themed parties, Hearts, all manner of... Birthday numbers, Viking themes, logos, and a slew of completely random ideas.  It looks like a fun Summer. Again, if the rain keeps away.

As just mentioned, this summer we have a number of bookings for a Vodka Luges with or for the Lewis Carroll theme: “Alice in Wonderland”. Click on the link to see 'how to organize or pointers to help you organize a phenomenal Alice in Wonderland party.  It is TRULY a great theme.

Annual Shut-down
Just to let you know, our annual shut-down (for maintenance - freezers, equipment, ice block making tanks, etc.,) is scheduled between Wednesday 10th July to Thursday 25th July.  We may open earlier if we can complete all the maintenance tasks ahead of schedule.

If you NEED a luge during these dates, all we can offer is an 'early delivery' - the last date being 9th July.  This is the last date we can deliver to a freezer of your choice.  When we are back, it is then full steam ahead with Summer Bookings.

I know it is early to talk about it, but Christmas will be here sooner than we all think. With so few Ice Carving companies left in the UK, last December was the busiest we have known for years.  If you know you want a Luge for your Christmas party, Book the date in as sooner as possible.  Don't worry, there will be no deposit at this time. DON'T worry about the design either.  You can decide on that much later.  We shall be carving a LOT of luges in November ready for December. So October will be the date for decisions.  The KEY is booking the date in.  Unfortunately we had to say, 'we are fully booked' to a fair few people.

Give us a call.



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