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How to make an ice sculpture

How to make an ice scuplture - PASSION for Ice

How to make an ice sculpture or should I say, create and carve an ice sculpture is both easy and difficult at the same time.  The obvious thing to start with is the ice block - the raw material for carving an ice sculpture. Professionally ice blocks can take anywhere from 5 to 8 days to make depending on the ambient temperature.  The How to make an ice sculpture starts here.

Ollie's Army Vodka Luge Manchester

Vodka Luge Manchester for Ollies Army by Passion for Ice

Nikki Ashwell is one amazing woman.  For the past few years she and her team have planned, organized and executed a fund-raising Ball at the Hallmark Airport Hotel in Manchester each year. A phenomenal success raising a lot of well needed cash.

Even though it is a fund-raising event, the value for money, the dedication to give guests a good time as well as giving attendees as much as they can for their paid tickets -  is beyond admirable. Many Charity Fundraisers seem to expect or demand their guests pay a high-ticket price in return for very little.  Not Nikki.

It's All Been Worth It

A&J Initials Vodka Luge for Amy's Wedding from Passion for Ice

You may have noticed we have a lot of Video Testimonials from our clients on our website - recorded on the day and in front of their ice sculpture of Vodka Luge.  However, it is not always possible to create a Video Testimonial for one reason or another; the client is not at the venue, it is a Wedding and the Bride and Groom are not there, or there is simply no one (apart from the venue Manager) at the venue when we are setting up the sculpture.  As a result, (not wishing to be boastful) but we receive a lot of written testimonials after the event - which we love (and keeps us going!)

Vodka or Baileys?

Demonic Head Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

Not all ice companies carve their Vodka Luges the same – and we’re not just talking about the shape, carving or design.

Ice Sculpture into Vodka Luge
To create a Vodka Luge, an ice sculpture must first be carved.  One of the last things carvers do is it to drill a long-bore channel though the ice, usually 30-50cm in length.  Once the channel has been bored through the ice, it can then technically be called a Vodka Luge.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Ideas ideas ideas


Even though there may a specific purpose for the party or event, it is not always easy to decide upon a shape for the Vodka Luge or Ice sculpture.  For example,

An “18th”, “21st “, “30th”, “40th” (or any other birthday) may seem straight forward – Have a “Birthday Number”.  These are GREAT Luges but some clients want a tad more. 


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