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SaferPayment Gaurantee

For all our credit card transactions - both over the phone and online we use WorldPay.  We have just been through their SaferPayment Verfification process (which is pretty long and to be honest, quite complicated) However we made it through.  Here is a link to the Verification Certificate of Safer Payments.  It's all about safeguarding clients, their confidentiality of names, card numbers, etc., to stop fraud and protect you our client and ourselves.

We value all our clients and will do whatever it takes to keep all payments, clear, transparent, above-board and safe.  We do not keep on file, on record or anywhere your credit/debit card details.  Everything is done what they call these days: virtually;  direct with World pay via a secure connection.

As you give us your credit/debit card details, we key it straight in to a computer.  Once we click 'Enter' (we have all the details the screen ask us) - all your information disappears from our screen and we have no access to it again.  Hence on ocassions (rare) where a connection is lost, we have to ask you for all the details again.  Our apologies for this, but it does safe guard you. 


Here is our SaferPayments Verfification certificate.  If you wish to verify this yourself with WorldPay, please do not hesitate to call them on 02477 044 827


CLICK to view the - SaferPayments Certificate for Passion for Ice from World Pay