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We all have initials; be it one, two, three or more letters. Sometimes at a party or function that is all that is needed for a sculpture to be. A friend or family member may be better known  as, for example  "TJ" than Tom Jones. Calling someone by their initials can be seen as a real sign of affection and love.

In a printed book, it has has been standard practice in days gone by (for centuries) to make the first letter of the first word on the page bigger, bolder and to stand-out.  This is called "The Initial" (from the Latin initialis meaning, standing at the beginning). What are your initials?

Following are just some Vodka Luges / Ice Sculptures we have made for clients. Your initials may be different and you may wish a different style, contact us and let's create your initials in ice.



Give us a call for a no-obligation discussion on what we can do for your party - telephone 02477 044 827 or email