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Birthday Party Vodka Luges and Ice Sculptures

Birthday Party Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

There are two camps for this - Vodka Luge parties and Ice Sculpture parties.


These are obviously for adult use.  Having said, that we are one of the few companies in the UK not to just drill a hollow channel through the ice to make it a Vodka Luge, but we go one step further and place in the channel a plastic tube/sheaf.  The reason being, (sorry if we are teaching you to suck eggs here) alcohol does not freeze thus there is no real danger of the channel freezing-up.  However, if one pours a soft drink through the channel for example, because soft drinks have a higher freezing temperature than alcohol, there is a chance the channel may freeze-up making it totally inoperable.  End of the evening's fun and games!
By placing a tube through the channel, there is almost a zero chance of the tube freezing up - let the party begin!

Our blank canvas is an ice block measuring 1m x 1/2m from this block we can carve (within reason) just about any shape you wish.


Ice Sculptures are literally just that - a sculpture made out of ice.  The only difference between a Vodka Luge and an Ice Sculpture is the channel we drill through the ice.  This makes Ice Sculptures ideal as focal points in the Party room  be they Initials, Names (carved in ice), Table Plans, Ice Centre Table pieces or any other shape you wish to think of.  Ice Sculptures are beautiful to look at and can be absolutely stunning, but cannot be used for fun and games as a Vodka Luge can be used for.

Ice Sculptures are ideal for non-drinkers or where children in large numbers are present.