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Alice in Wonderland

Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland Vodka Luge

Alice in Wonderland - After deciding that you are going to have an Alice in Wonderland themed party, collating ideas (the major themes or focal points), need to be planned and thought-out.

These ideas are the initial broad stroke ideas. As you progress along this path of ideas, you can fine tune the ideas and add more and more detail. Or, delete ideas that you think would not work, are too expensive or just impractical to do. 

This outline the landscape designs (the feel and look) and where they are going to take place - the garden, in a room, home or a venue and so on. Where do you want people to congregate, hang-out and can that area accommodate all the guests? 

This is, who you wish to invite.  Will all your friends or just a few be wild enough to take part in such a fun-filled, crazy night?  Some hosts/party planners start the other way round with the who first then the where...

The 'where' being what are the activities and where they will be placed (Mad Hatters Tea Party long table for example, the Rabbit Hole, The Mushroom forest and so forth). 

A theme based on nonsensical creatures, magical landscapes, and illogical events taking place. Put objects together that would not really go together. The crazier and unexplainable, the more they will be enjoyed and appreciated.

Rabbit Hole
The entrance to your party, for example can be through a covered area looking like a rabbit tunnel. Perhaps a large tube guests (the more agile ones) must crawl through to get in?  If the pasrty is being held at home, does the entrance need to be through the front door?  How about along a side alley into your garden?  Have fun and Alice in Wonderland signs everywhere:

“Welcome to Wonderland”,
“Welcome to somewhere you don’t recognize”
“Welcome to the bizarre”
“Down the rabbit hole to enter”
“Tell me; Why is a Raven like a writing desk?” (the answer being, ‘I haven’t the slightest  idea” The Hatter replies)
"Curiouser and curiouser!"
"We're all mad here."

Mushroom Forest
A large and bizarre forest inhabited by talking animals. Drawings of large mushrooms (like sign posts in the ground), small stools covered to look like mushrooms... ideas abound.

The Queen's Croquet Ground
An odd, strange place where a game of croquet is played with flamingos and hedgehogs. Beg, steal borrow a croquet set.  Decorate with model flamingos, again drawings (for distant flamingos) as well as bizarre animals to decorate the croquet ground.

The Caterpillar's Garden
A tranquil garden that is not what it seems. Large caterpillars with humorous faces, or have placards dotted around with 'sayings' or quotes.


Other themes could include (that are in  the Alice in Wonderland book):

Exploring a different world with bizarre and strange people. Make-up, clothes, objects, artifacts that are out of the ordinary.

Everyone at the party is a character who challenges Alice’s perceptions of reality and their own perceptions!

Accessories like Button badges can be made for guests to wear and keep as a memento of the party.
“I am You”,
“Are you real?”
“Do I know you?”
“Do you live here?”
...and other such bizarre quotes and questions


Nonsense and Absurdity
Where logic and reason are turned upside down, absurd situations with lots of nonsensical dialogue between guests (well, until you can’t all understand each other and head for the bar!)

Growing Up
A party or theme that challenges growing up. Nothing is as it seems. This idea can get a little wild and can runaway… It is an actual theme of Alice in Wonderland.

Alice encounters various reflections of herself in Wonderland. Large, small, round, square, plain and ornate – all add to the bizarre nature of Wonderland.

Lewis Carroll represents the chessboard as the structured and strategic nature of life in the book; Alice as a pawn navigating through the game. Big themes that can be brought out in strange and in wacky ways. Turn the idea upside down and create something different. Think of different types of chess pieces - perhaps an 'L-shaped' chessboard. Flat on the ground, but the end turns-upwards and 90 degree angle into the air - with chess pieces attached to a few squares.


Fancy Dress or Dramatic reconstruction… (amongst a myriad of other characters you can make up or invent):

The White Rabbit

The Mad Hatter

The Queen of Hearts - shouting "Off with their heads!"

The Cheshire Cat 

The Caterpillar- sitting on a mushroom and smoking a hookah.

The March Hare – just as mad as the Mad Hatter.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum - Rotund twins, reciting nonsensical poems and involved in philosophical debates.


It is the decoration or embellishments that will set the scene to the party and allow your guests to 'perform',  or be as wild or as sedate as they want to be.

Giant Props
Beg, steal, borrow or create oversized props; for example, playing cards, teacups, and large mushrooms to create a larger-than-life atmosphere and 'feel' to the room or garden.

Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Create a long table centre piece with mismatched teacups, saucers, and teapots. Towering plates with teacakes, sandwiches and odd-looking food and party nibbles. Scatter playing cards (large, medium, and small cards), pocket watches (or drawings of pocket watches), and strange-looking flowers for a really eclectic feel and look to the table. The colour scheme could me monotone or for example, 1960's 'flower power'.

Magical Lighting
Garden lanterns, fairy lights, spotlights, glitter balls, to create a magical ambiance with different lighting colours. 1970’s lava lamps and projectors are a great way to create a hallucinogenic atmosphere.

Create areas of the party with whimsical signs such as:

 "Queen of Hearts' Croquet Grounds",
"The Mad Hatter's Hat Shop.”
“This way to the Party”,
“Don’t be late”,
“Off With His Head”
“Drink Me”



Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Tea (or alcoholic drinks) served in mismatched teapots and cups. Charity stores and car boots' are a great source for these.

Eat Me, Drink Me Treats
Create with brown luggage labels with "Eat Me" or "Drink Me" labels. Labels for various snacks and drinks with ‘made-up’ names “Gin and magic mushroom Delight”, “Rum and Double Vision” and other inventive labels will get your guests chuckling and in the mood. The more strange and off-the-wall labels, the better.

Queen of Hearts'
Heart-shaped desserts , tarts, hors d’Oeuvres, nibbles in the theme of the Queen of Hearts. Red being the dominant colour.  The more dramatic and theatrical, the better.

Caterpillar's Mushroom Caps
Stuffed mushroom filled with Savory fillings. Mushroom vol au vents, mushroom pate... mushrooms are very versatile for creating ideas and mouth-watering hors d’Oeuvres.



There is a very wide range of entertainers one can hire today - The Internet is a great source as well as Event companies. Entertainers for your Alice in Wonderland party could include: magicians, acrobats, jugglers, dancers, fire eaters.  The wilder, and outrageous they are – the better.

Photo Booth
Couple this with outrageous props and backdrops inspired by the Alice in Wonderland characters. Hats, glasses, mushrooms, Signs, and anything else from the story you can think of, these would make GREAT and memorable photos.  Companies that provide Photo booths tend to have 'standard' props suitable for most parties.  Create your own props, make it special and tailored to your party.  The photos will mean more and be 'better' photos in the end.


Ideas for a Vodka Luge could include:

Cheshire Cat
Drink Me


Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat  Alice in Wonderland Drink Me bottle  Alice in Wonderland March Hare


There are so many ideas and things we can carve for your Alice in Wonderland party.

Give is a call today to start the discussion on ideas and how this will be the best party you have ever thrown!