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Wedding Vodka Luges - part 1


There are no set or ‘must-have’ shapes of Vodka Luges or Ice Sculptures for a Wedding.  There are of course traditional shapes that brides and grooms via towards such as ‘Hearts’, ‘Swans’, “Mr & Mrs’ and so forth.


A Wedding Vodka Luge or Ice Sculpture should be chosen because of what it represents, symbolizes or means to the bride and groom. Not chosen because ‘a friend had one at their Wedding therefore we should also have a ‘Love Heart’ or ‘Swan’ too’.

So how does one go about deciding on the shape or the design of the sculpture?

There are a few criteria one can use, for example, Is there a theme to the day or the overall Wedding? Themes come in all shapes and sizes from: colours, flowers, holidays shared, chocolate, Extreme sports (yes, we have had that one a few times!) down to specific items like Butterflies or Hot Air Ballooning and so on and so forth.  Each Wedding is different and will have, to some extent a theme that links everything together; it could be a bridal or Wedding ‘logo’, the table centre pieces, feathers, favours and so forth.

From the theme, think of what would be most appropriate for guests both young and old to enjoy, comprehend and be comfortable with.  A couple recently indicated the theme of their Wedding was: ‘enjoyment, relaxation and harmony’. As a design, they chose (and this is absolutely true) a “Hermaphrodite” Vodka Luge – a naked half female half male torso with functioning ‘bits’. 

For a conventional Wedding, this may be a bit extreme for most; but this is what the bride and groom wanted.  As you can imagine, it was an all-adult affair and fitted in very well with their overall theme for the Wedding.

Be wary of shapes that could offend.  A groom sent us a picture of his nose.  He thought it was big and rather funny. He asked for us to cave a replica of it.  We did.  However, when we arrived and set it up, the bride was not amused and demanded we ‘take it away’.  The ‘Nose’ in fairness did not ‘fit-in’ with the overall elegance and theme of the Wedding. In this instance it was not the right choice.

Adults and Children.
Creating a Vodka Luge from an Ice Sculpture is just a matter of drilling a channel though the ice in order for the Aqua Vita to flow – at the thickest point of the ice.  Many ice companies simply drill the channel and leave it at that.  This however excludes many people from using or enjoying it; namely those that do not drink alcohol and of course, children.  A Vodka Luge is designed for pouring alcohol – pure and simple. Alcohol does not freeze where as soft drinks having a higher freezing temperature, will slowly constrict the channel making the Vodka Luge eventually inoperable. This then defeats the object of having a Vodka Luge!

The design of the Vodka Luge could be for example, a Disney Castle or a character from Frozen.  If only alcohol can be poured through the Luge, this then obviously excludes a number for the ‘non-alcohol drinking’ guests.  Thinking of the theme and design is one thing, but making sure everyone can partake is another.  To overcome this, we insert a plastic sheaf or tube through the channel and top it off with a small funnel at the entrance (allowing you not to waste or spill any liquid as you pour it through the channel). 

The theme of your Wedding may be superb and brilliant, but can everyone on the day enjoy the sculpture?  Careful selection of the design is vital.