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March 2017

Vodka or Baileys?

Demonic Head Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

Not all ice companies carve their Vodka Luges the same – and we’re not just talking about the shape, carving or design.

Ice Sculpture into Vodka Luge
To create a Vodka Luge, an ice sculpture must first be carved.  One of the last things carvers do is it to drill a long-bore channel though the ice, usually 30-50cm in length.  Once the channel has been bored through the ice, it can then technically be called a Vodka Luge.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Ideas ideas ideas


Even though there may a specific purpose for the party or event, it is not always easy to decide upon a shape for the Vodka Luge or Ice sculpture.  For example,

An “18th”, “21st “, “30th”, “40th” (or any other birthday) may seem straight forward – Have a “Birthday Number”.  These are GREAT Luges but some clients want a tad more.