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Snow Software Vodka Luge London

Snow Software Vodka Luge London From Passion for Ice

Valuing a client these days seems to be a rare occurrence in business. Call us old fashioned, but we still like to talk with clients, interact and literally help them however we can.

Alaina Jones of Snow Software ( is an exciting, forward-thinking Award-winning developer company of Software Asset Management (SAM) services – both cloud and on-premises aspects.

Alaina first contacted us for a Vodka Luge London project she had planned in mid-2016. After much discussion, we knew what she wanted and how she wanted the Vodka Luge to look.  Everything went smoothly and on-time.  This first event was a great success on both sides. Alaina gained experience and knowledge; she thus knew exactly what she wanted for the next time; where it was to be placed, how it was to look and had even calculated the affect it would have on the guests attending. She was (and is) very astute and right.

The second Vodka Luge was to be a repeat of their Snow Software logo.  This would reinforce their company name – not by means of a poster or backdrop, but in a different format and material – something tactile and visually arresting – a Vodka Luge.   She knew for this second event she wanted to create once again another, “Wow!”  reaction from guests for a venue near Birmingham she had in mind.  Alaina contacted us again; The success of this second event proved her right. 

In mid-2017 out of the blue we received another call from Alaina, ‘we have another Gartner event in London in September and we need another Vodka Luge London logo carved for the Plaza Hotel Westminster Bridge”. 

The secret to Alaina’s success was to have carved and created their logo precisely and accurately using CNC carving technology.  Most ice companies in the UK either use ice moulds or hand-carve their pieces.  We do not use moulds at all, just hand-carving techniques and a pretty smart CNC machine.  We would plot a design (logo, drawing, image) into the CNC computer, once done, the computer then controls the cutting blade of the CNC machine.  We are thus able to recreate, for example logos with 100% accurately in detail. 

The carved Snow Software Vodka Luge London was near enough a full ice block with not a huge amount of ice carved away.  As a result, the finished article weighed something in the region of 15-stone. It was heavy!  Using a hydraulic trolley and muscle power we placed the Luge exactly where Alaina wanted it. 

I must say, she is now a professional at this!  Although we get a lot of repeat business, some clients never remember things (from one event to another).  Alaina is not one of them.  When we arrived, she was well organized and had everything ready.  This not only makes setting-up easy and fast, but a lot more efficient.  Within literally minutes everything was ready ‘to go’.  With clients like this, we will bend-over-backwards and give not only freebies but as much of our time and effort to help make their event a complete success.

Alaina ordered 300 Ice Shot Glasses for this third event.  At the first event, she ordered just 200.  To show our appreciation of her coming back to us (again and again) we not only supplied what she asked for but gave her an additional 100 ice shot glasses – just to say thank you (and you’ll get through them all!)

The Vodka Luge Experience works – Alaina is testament to that. Most event organizers do not have a deep freeze sitting next to their Vodka Luge – to keep their drink mega-cold. The next best thing is to have Ice Shot Glasses.  Pouring the Vodka (or any alcoholic drink) into an ice shot glass and then pouring it through the Luge with the guest catching the Aqua Vita at the Luge’s exit point with another ice shot glass, will give a truly different and exciting experience. Pouring ambient temperature drink is not the same I am afraid.

There are few clients that have everything down-pat.  Alaina, I am pleased to say is one of those clients; she is savvy, knows what she wants, listens to advice and is a complete joy to work with.