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It's Hot, but people of thinking of the cold


I always find it amazing.  When the sun shines we always get a torrent of e-mails and phone calls asking for a quotation for an Ice Sculpture or Vodka Luge; not for tomorrow or this week - but for Christmas!

Christmas Vodka Luge ordering has started in earnest.  We confirmed quite a few bookings some weeks ago when the sun shone (remember those rare few days?) for the prime dates in December, but things are hotting-up right now, and it's only July.

Savvy, advanced and shrewd people are beginning to seriously look at and book their Christmas party Vodka Luges now. Booking it early means they will be one of the lucky ones to get a Vodka Luge.  Like ALL ice companies (there aren't that many in the UK as it is a nich market) we all have limited resources for delivery and set-up. 

Those that book are guaranteed a delivery on the day they have chosen for their party and at a time before their party starts. It is the Corporates that always think in advance and book early.  It is the house parties that tend to 'last minute book' and invariably the closer to the date the less we and other ice companies can help.

Last year we saw a lot of 'early deliveries'.  Meaning we delivered a day or two in advance of the party.  The client stored the sculpture in their chest freezer, upright freezer or even borrowed space in a walk-in freezer from a local business (hotel, butcher, supermarket!)  This worked out fine and everything ran smoothly.

Being organized is the key. Setting a date for a Christmas party, be it in November or December is the first task. Second (of course) is to book the Sculpture you would like.  As we say, don't worry about the actual design or shape - it won't be carved until November so we have ample time to get the right shape and design that fits in with your party theme - be it a traditional design or something ' whacky and way out'. 

We do not take a deposit, so this is not a money-issue for us.  Booking-in the carving time and delivery date/time is paramount to a successful and stress-free party!