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Mistakes People Make

Mistakes People Make - Boobs

Mistakes People Make -  which way do you want it?

Ordering an Ice Sculpture or Vodka Luge is not an everyday occurrence for most people.

Some of the Mistakes People Make in fairness are not their fault.  Knowing about something is half the battle.

With us having some of the best and most talented carvers in the country working for us,  trying to decide on the shape and design can be a long task. There are so many options and ideas. 

If you have ever asked for a Quote from us – you’ll know what I mean about options and ideas! Our quotes are littered with ideas, options and suggestions.  If we ever say, 'no, it can't be done' - we always give reasons and examples why not. It is never a 'blank no'.

Our carvers can carve just about any shape or design you wish  – from an American Eagle to a Spitfire, a corporate logo to a pair of boobs (and literally everything else in between). Just deciding upon the shape/design is not, however the full story.

Once the shape or design has been decided upon, the next decision is (and it may sound a bit daft at first), Mistakes People Make and don't ask: ‘What is the purpose of the Vodka Luge or Ice Sculpture?’

•    Is it to be a focal point in the room for guests to just admire?
•    it is to be functional – a Vodka Luge with a specific role to fulfil?
•    Is it to be impressive and commanding?
•    Is it for Business or pleasure?
•    Is it to be laid-back and a bit of frivolity?


And a myriad of other questions.

The purpose of this question is to decide the format of the sculpture: Portrait or Landscape. In many instances the actual design will dictate which format it should or will be carved in. Some designs will only work in a Portrait format and some in a Landscape format. 

We will touch upon: lighting, placement, backgrounds, staging and many other topics in order for you to have that special advantage and your guests consciously and subconsciously be over-awed and excited about your sculpture in front of them - avoiding Mistakes People Make.

Before we get to that stage, let’s look at a real-life example:

A Pair of Boobs.

Boobs can be carved in either a Portrait or a Landscape format.

What is the difference?

Physically, an ice sculpture carved in a Portrait format will stand 1m tall, 1/2m width and 1/4m in depth. 

Mistakes People Make - Portrait format Boobs
Portrait format Boobs Vodka Luge


A Landscape format will be the opposite – 1/2m tall by 1m in length (left to right when looking from the front).

Mistakes People Make - Landscape format Boobs

Sculptures caved in a Portrait format tend to be more commanding, impressive and can hold an air of authority – as they are generally standing taller than (most) of us - when placed on a normal height table.

Tall people tend to look at the sculpture at a straight (180-degree) angle.  Shorter people will be looking slightly ‘up’ at the sculpture.  Naturally the height of the table will have a bearing. However, for best results a ‘standard’ height table of 79cm works best for most people.

A Landscape format sculpture is around 50cm tall and 100cm in length.  As it is not so high, most people will look physically down onto it. This is not bad or wrong; it is just a different way psychologically we look at things.
We will look at staging another time, suffice to say, placing it on a Bar (in a club or pub for example) will elevate it to be like a Portrait format sculpture – height wise.

Boobs carved in a Landscape format will tend to be ‘fuller’, more rounded, or dare I say, voluptuous. Boobs carved in Portrait format will be a tad smaller, pert and although a ‘good size’, they will be not as physically big or ‘curvy’. Technically, we have only or around 50cm to carve two boobs as opposed to approximately 100cm in a Landscape format.
Both formats will look spectacular and be carved ‘looking like boobs’ but it is the overall impression and feel/ambience that will be different. This is the choice you will have to make. We’ll care it how you want them to look.

I suppose to use the old cliché and well-worn phrase, ‘Are you a Boobs or a leg man / woman?’

Mistakes People Make - Think:

•    Who is the Sculpture for?
•    What impression do you wish to convey to your guests/attendees?  
•    If you get it wrong, will it make a difference?
•    What is the purpose of ‘this’ sculpture?
•    Would a Portrait version be ‘over-powering’ or look ‘just right’?


Some of our clients know exactly what they want – which is great.

Some say, ‘Chris, do what you feel is right’ and leave it up to us to decide.  This is not a problem. But thinking it through this initial stage can be important and can set the tone to the party or event.