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Even though there may a specific purpose for the party or event, it is not always easy to decide upon a shape for the Vodka Luge or Ice sculpture.  For example,

An “18th”, “21st “, “30th”, “40th” (or any other birthday) may seem straight forward – Have a “Birthday Number”.  These are GREAT Luges but some clients want a tad more. 


As an idea, using a CNC machine (where we plot into the computer an image or graphic and then the computer controls the cutting blade of the CNC machine to ‘cut-out’ the shape precisely), we developed the idea of plotting the birthday girl or boy’s name along with their birthday number– so “Will”  becomes “Will24” or “Harry” becomes “Harry18”. Short names of course work better than long ones.



For many years there have been around half-a-dozen ‘standard’ or traditional shapes to have at a Wedding: Hearts, Swans, Mr & Mrs, Love Birds, Glass Slipper, Diamonds and so forth.  Thinking out-of-the-box, design requests or ideas these days tend to be off the Richter scale! “Snow Boarders”, “Penguins”, “Chickens”, “Motorbikes” and so on are becoming the ‘new’ wedding design.

The key in obtaining the ‘right’ shape for your party or event, especially at a Wedding, is to have the design you BOTH want and not what is expected (unless it is a surprise for your better half; which is growing in popularity as a Wedding present).


Questions to think about in deciding the shape of the Wedding Vodka Luge or Ice Sculpture:

  • What interests do you both have?
  • What does the sculpture symbolize to you both?
  • When do you want it for – The Wedding Breakfast or the evening Reception(or both)?
  • Is it to be a ‘Romantic’ sculpture or something to get the guests, ‘talking about?’
  • Will there be children present?  A “Hermaphrodite” or “Female Torso” may not be the right choice in that case!
  • Would an Ice Sculpture be better than a Vodka Luge?


Length of the Party or Event.
Delicate or intricately carved sculptures will not last as long as bold and strong designs.  The design of a “Polar Bear” for example, will last a lot longer than in intricately carved Venetian Masquerade Ball Mask that has been elaborately and painstaking crafted (hand or CNC-carved).



Questions to think about that the shape will have a bearing:

  • What is the overall time-period of the party or event?
  • How long do I really need the sculpture looking pristine and as near perfect?
  • Do I need the “WOW!” -factor only for when guests’ walk-in?
  • What is more important – The shape of the sculpture or it being a Luge?

We carve for a great many types of events and parties – not just Weddings and Birthdays.  If you have ANY questions regarding your party or event, call us on 0800 999 30 60 (a FREE PHONE number) to discuss your ideas and what we can suggest.