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Hilary "50" Vodka Luge

Hilary 50 Vodka Luge Testimonial from Rose Whittle

"Hilary 50" -shaped Vodka Luge

Rose Whittle of Principal Global Events contacted us regarding creating a Vodka Luge for one of her high profile client's 50th Birthday party.  This was to be a lavish affair with 'the works' - everything.   Rose asked if we could create her name "Hilary" in ice?  Having a CNC machine - this is one of our specialities. 

We delivered the Vodka Luge to Hilary's house in Basingstoke, Hampshire; set it up, created the lighting that made the Luge shimmer and shine and finally, made sure everything was perfect before we left. I am sure it must have been a great night - especially with our Luge as one of the focal points to the party!

50th Birthday Party
Basingstoke, Hampshire
Rose Whittle (Principal Global Events)