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Cocktail Bar Hire

Cocktail Bar Hire

Cocktail Bar Hire


Teaming up with Passion for Cocktails, this is an inexpensive Package that consists of a Professional mobile Cocktail Bar (5' width) PLUS ALL Professional equipment needed to make superb Cocktails.  

All the equipment provided in the Package are used by working Professional Mixologists. None of the equipment is pseudo or amateur utensils passing them selves off as Professional.  As the saying goes, 'A bad workman always blames his tools' - well here are the correct tools for making phenomenal, sensual and outstanding Cocktails.


CLICK > Read what the full package contains.


Professional Cocktail Bars usually start at around £450.00 to hire - and that is just for the bar - nothing included in the price.


We are based in Coventry and Kenilworth (Warwickshire) and as such this offer is ONLY open to the following counties:



A Bar used by Professional Mixologists

The Professional Bar on offer is a fully-working bar as used by Professional Mixologists.  It has a speed rail, ice well and the space for glasses and ingredients - all handy and in one place. This is NOT, repeat NOT a home-made bar or one you can purchase on e-Bay or similar sites!


Bar Dimensions

Dimensions - 5' width
Colour - Black
Lights - Yes, LED's with controller for various colours and patterns
Speedrail - Yes
Ice Well - Yes
Storage space - Yes


Equipment supplied

The Equipment provided with this Cocktail bar is, but limited to:

1 x Boston Can
1 x Boston Glass
1 x Cocktail Shaker
1 x Muddler
1 x Mojito Muddler       
1x 25ml Cocktail Jigger
1x 35ml Cocktail Jigger
1x 50ml Cocktail Jigger
1 x Large bar stirrer
2 x Juice Pourers
1 x Pro Lime Squeezer
1 x Citrus Zester
6 x Speed Pourers
1 x Hawthorn Strainer
2 x Glass Jugs
1 x Ice Scoop
1 x large Chopping Board
1 x Small Chopping Board
1 x Cork screw
1 x Pro Bar Blade
1 x Oversized Martini Glass
1 x Cocktail Menu Holder
2 x Anti-slip Trays

FREE Extras

Small Black Napkins
100 x Cocktail Sticks
1 x Pack Party Poppers

If required we can supply 5' or 6' tables


The Fee

- Hire of Bar and equipment - £250.00
- Delivery, set-up, advice (if required) return and take down - £45.00


CLICK - Read what the full package contains.