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1m Long Penis

The 1m Long Penis Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

Who would like a 1m long Penis?

Ryan did for his girls - all 150 of them. He wanted to excite them, let them enjoy it and of course let them drink from his Penis.

Ryan is no ordinary guy...

...and has no ordinary job.

Ryan is an events organizer at the Warrington Village Hotel located in the Centre of Warrington just a few miles from Liverpool.

He called us at Passion for Ice and asked if we would create a Penis for his 'Ladies' Night' event he was holding. Over the years we have created a number of Vodka Luges for the hotel as well as for their guests and their various events.

As you can imagine, the discussions were interesting - if you had been casually listening in. "Would you like it erect; pointing upwards, or would you like it pointing down, 'flaccid'? Or you could even have it horizontal, as if ...." and so the conversations went on.

After many e-mails and conversations, Ryan decided upon a Landscape format - horizontal. We discussed the styling, the features and so on. Every detail was covered and agreed!

The Penis measured 1m in length and had a girth of over 1/2m (50cm). This was going to be a Big Boy!

  • Landscape format.
  • 1m in length.
  • Single channel (for the drink to flow).
  • Suitable for up to 150 enthusiastic ladies.

The day came and we delivered the Vodka Luge. Set it up in a prominent place in the room. Lit it and made it look seductive and as good as it could be. To be fair, it was impressive before we even started. The reaction from the ladies to the Penis was far better than Ryan could have ever imagined.

150 females and one 1m long Penis - I am sure you can guess the outcome.

Ryan is organizing more events like this as it was a tremendous success. Get in contact if you want some of the action...

The 1m Long Penis Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice


The 1m Long Penis

The 1m Long Penis

The 1m Long Penis


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