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British Gas Penguin

British Gas Penguin Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

The British Gas Penguin

Holly from Google contacted us regarding their Christmas Party at Google Headquarters in London.  She was very specific; she wanted the British Gas penguin carved as a Vodka Luge. And only the British Gas Penguin ! 

With various images of the famous Penguin to hand, we set about hand-carving this unusual and unique sculpture.

Penguin detail

The detail of the Penguin is quite considerable.  He has (of course) a back pack (rucksack), a detailed scarf, a duffle coat with distinct buttons on the front and so on and so forth.  Each element had to be included as far as possible. 

Standing 1m tall, not only was the detail to be as correct and as accurate as possible, but it had to be in correct proportion.  This may sound not a problem and easy when looking at the final result, but getting it 'all right' and to fit so one element is not too big or too small is quite a feat and takes planning. Naturally there is no template or mould to use or follow.  Everything had to be carved from scratch by hand.

Faced with a rectanbular ice block standing 1m tall, 1/2m wide and 1/4m in depth in front of you, the first job was to draw out a rough image in 2D on the front of the ice block.  Using a chain saw, the first rough cut was made. Carving large chunks away from the ice. Getting the head in the right place, the right shape of head and right proportions as well as the ruck sack looking right, again in the right place is no mean task.

We all know when something does not look right or is out of proportion.  Planning, tracing and visualizing the end result is something else! Taking around a day from start to finish, you can see the end result.


We think it looks pretty close - what do you think?


It was carved from a single ice block; no template - just carved by eye (with chainsaw power and hand-tools in hand of course).


No. of Ice Blocks - ONE
Item - Ice Sculpture or Vodka Luge
Format - Portrait
Height - 1m x 1/2m wide
Weight 100-120kg
Text - No

Delivery to venue - Yes
Complete set-up of sculpture at venue - Yes
Lighting included - Yes
Lighting set-up created for you at venue - Yes
Drain Tray - Yes
Thick-bore Tubing - Yes
12-point Check Assessment - Yes

Close-up of British Gas Penguin Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice


Penguin Google

Penguin   Google

Penguin Google


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