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Lion Rampant

Lion Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

Capt Alex Eastham of The Duke of Lancaster's regiment based at Somme Barracks, North Yorkshire asked if we could recreate their Regimental mascot in ice - a Lion Rampant as a Vodka Luge.


We first discussed having a Portrait format Luge created; that is 1m tall by 1/2m wide.  Alex then sent us the picture of what they really wanted.  The format was not a Portrait but a Landscape - 1m from left to right anm 1/2m tall.  We could not use the CNC machine but hand carved this piece.  However,  there was one sticking point - we could not deliver and set it up for them on the Saturday they wanted  - we were fully booked for deliveries.

At Somme Barracks they had a walk-in freezer.  Alex agreed for us to deliver on the Thursday and they would set it up themselves on the Saturday evening.  We supplied him with all the things he needed along with instructions (and telephone help if he needed).  Setting up a Luge is not the most taxing or difficult job in the world!  The carving and creation is the most skilled part of it.

We thus delivered on the Thursday on time when we said we would be there. Alex also took the photograph and sent it to us!  It looks like he did a good job of setting it up (and then having a good time!)

We are an ethical company and will not take an order if we cannot deliver on the day at the time specified. Delivering a day or so earlier is an answer if you are happy to do so. This actually happens quite a bit as all us ice companies in the UK have finite delivery and setting-up resources. We will help and guide you with what needs to be done as well as they size of freezer (walki-in, chest or upright freezer) is needed.  All is not lost oif we cannot deliver opn the day!



Capt Alex Eastham Testimonial

Capt Alex Eastham   Testimonial"The Lion Rampant"

Capt Alex Eastham Testimonial

"The Lion Rampant"


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