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Horse Head - 2

Bespoke Horse Head Vodka Luge from Pasison form Ice

Sam approached us regarding her daughter's 18th Birthday.  She is an avid horse rider and asked if we could replicate her horse in ice. Ice is a 'funny' medium.  Exact true likenesses can never really be achieved if there are certain characteristics to be pulled-out.  A general horse with specific traits can be carved.  In Sam's horse they key elements were:  The Ears pointy up, the mane and the Diamond on the horse' forehead.  These three things were possible and we did.  The exact length of nose, the exact width and so on are not really possible if one does not want to destroy the integrity of the ice sculpture.  We have to make sure the ice is thick enough and strong enough to last.  All Ice Sculptures are 'impressions' - with certain elements thrown in to make it as life like as we can.

No. of Ice Blocks - ONE
Item - Ice Sculpture or Vodka Luge
Format - Portrait
Height - 1m x 1/2m wide
Weight 100-120kg
Text - No

Delivery to venue - Yes
Complete set-up of sculpture at venue - Yes
Lighting included - Yes
Lighting set-up created for you at venue - Yes
Drain Tray - Yes
Thick-bore Tubing - Yes
12-point Check Assessment - Yes



Horse Head Vodka Luge from Pasison form Ice
The horse


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