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Honey flavoured Vodkas

Honey flavoured Vodkas

Honey flavoured Vodkas are infused with real honey into the brand's (distillers) own chosen plain vodka. The Honey flavoured Vodka tends to be thicker in viscosity, giving a mellow sweetness and overall depth to the vodka.


Brands that use honey flavoured simple syrup (sugar+water+flavouring) adds a background flavour to the vodka, but can be overly sweet as well as quite thin. Careful reading of the bottle label will reveal whether they use real honey or a simple syrup version with artificial honey flavourings.


There is a plethora of Honey flavoured Vodkas on the market today.

Walk into just about any large supermarket and you will see a selection of flavoured Vodkas from various countries for example, the UK, USA, Sweden, Poland and even Japan.  A small sample are pictured and listed below.  Most of which are great for parties and especially for using with Vodka Luges. 

Some of the honey flavoured vodkas are sweeter than others. Select the one you think would be most popular with your guests. Unfortunately that may mean trying one or two before your party / event date!  

ALL guests will love a real Honey Vodka but some will love it more than others depending on the level of the vodka's sweetness and of course the guest's own personal taste. On the whole, purchasing one or two bottles of Honey Vodka will be a success and you can't go wrong.

Alcohol content

Not all Vodkas or flavoured Vodkas will have the same alcoholic content. They can range from around 30% up to or around 42%. If it is a Boozy party, then 40%+ is ideal.  However, if the vicar and your Grand Mother are in attendence, toning down the alcoholic content may be more appropriate.


Here are just a few ideas and brands - it is by no means an exhaustive list of all that there is to have, it is just to give an example of what Honey Vodkas are available.

Honey flavoured Vodkas

42 Below Honey flavoured VodkasAbsolut Honey flavoured Vodkas   Hanagr 1 Honey flavoured Vodkas

       Keepr's Honey flavoured VodkasOld Vodka Honey flavoured Vodkas  Smirnoff Honey flavoured Vodkas


            Stolichnaya Honey flavoured Vodkas  


42 Below Honey Vodka
Alcohol content - 42% (84% proof)
Origin - Distilled in Wellington, New Zealand
Website -     

Absolut Honey Vodka
Alcohol content - 40%
Origin - Sweden
Website -

Hangar 1 Honey Vodka
Alcohol content - 40% (80% proof)
Origin - Distilled in Alameda, California, 94501 USA
Website -

Keepr's Honey and Salted Caramel Vodka
Alcohol content -  37.5%
Origin -  Distilled in Buckinghamshire (UK)
Website -

Old Vodka Honey l Vodka
Alcohol content -  37.5%
Origin -  Distilled in Stevenage, Hertfordshire (UK)
Website -

Smirnoff Honey Vodka
Alcohol content -  30%
Origin - Owned by Diageo (UK)
Website -

Stolichnaya Honey Vodka
Alcohol content -  37.5%
Origin -  Distilled in Latvia (S.P.I Group)
Website -

Although this Honey flavoured Vodka is purchased for fun, entertainment and to enjoy with a Vodka Luge, a little research could pay dividends. Answers gleaned from Vodka Distiller's websites such as, is the Honey heated before the fermentation process?  Honey that is heated prior to fermentation can reduce the viscosity and thus its depth. It will not ruin the overall flavour, but it could be diminished somewhat.

How many times is the actual Vodka distilled?  A number of distilleries will distill their Honey Vodka no more than twice.  Any more than this, distillers say can reduce the flavour of the rich aromatics of the fresh and vibrant nectar.  The idea being to give a full flavour and cleanness to the drink. Some meals benefit in being cooked a second time - bringing out subtle nuances or even bold flavours of the dish.  However for some distilled drinks, over distilling can bring harshness and a sheer lack of subtlety and to be honest, an unpleasent taste to the Vodka.

The seven Honey Vodkas listed above will all be different.  There is no 'best one' or 'worst one'. Flavours are created on your tongue. Beauty is in the eye of ther beholder.  In this case a shot glass is all you need to decide!


There are more Honey flavoured Vodkas in supermarkets, Off Licenses, Booze shops and the like for you to try and enjoy.  If you have come across ones you particularly like or love, let us know and we will place them here for others to enjoy too.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are NOT paid a commission, royalty or any fee for the above images and mentions.  We do not sell or supply any of the above Honey flavoured Vodkas. The listing above is for reference and information purposes only. E&EO.


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