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"21" Half-size #2

A "21" Half-size Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

A "21" Half-size Vodka Luge created for a great family affair Birthday party.

"21" Half-size Vodka Luges are around 50 cm (1/2m) tall by 1/2m wide and 1/4m (25 cm) depth and weigh in the region of 5-6 stone.  They are ideal for small guest number parties or for small venues where a large Vodka Luge would look out of place and 'not right'. We use the full 25 cm depth of the ice block and do not cut it down any further.  The greater the mass of ice, the longer it will physically last.

"21" Half-size Design

We can (within reason) finish the sculpture in most styles  - from rocky, smooth, patterned and so forth. If the "21" Half-size Vodka can mimic the styling or decoration of the room, then everything will look in place.

This particular "21" Half-size Vodka Luge was carved for a young man. The design was not 'flowery' or ornate, but solid with clean lines that were bold making the Vodka Luge stand-out and be inviting!

This "21" Half-size Vodka Luge used or was created from the entire (half-size) ice block.  In some designs we can place the "21" on an ice plinth base or a 'rocky' ice bed. We can, for example drop the "2" slightly and raise the "1" or vice versa. In this Vodka Luge, the numbers were carved evenly, on the same level. Placing just the numbers on a raised ice base naturally makes the actual number a tad smaller. There is nothing wrong with this.  In the right setting it looks superb and just right. The total height is still 1/2m.

The more intricate or detailed the "21" Half-size Vodka Luge carving is, the quicker it will potentially melt. The bolder the design and chunkier it is, the longer the Luge will physically last.  Ice unfortunately does not melt uniformly,  It is always the delicate and most intricate carving parts that melt first. Using the full ice block for just the two numbers is someone whom has thought about this and wants as much fun as he can get from a Vodka Luge - in the longest period!




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