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Pineapple - 1

A pineapple Ice Sculpture standing 1m tall is big, impressive and simply awesome!

Over the years we have carved many ice sculptures for the Farncombe Estate (The Fish Restaurant, Foxhill Manor and Dormy House Hotel). When Marketing Manager Ellie rang us to ask for another Ice Sculpture, we were delighted. As you can imagine the designs they want are always big and spectacular.  Always in-keeping with the event; we were delighted to oblige.

A Spectacular Launch

This time The Dormy House Hotel (located near Broadway in the Cotswolds) were launching a new Restaurant and wanted a large Pineapple as the centre display to the room.

The Pineapple was to be carved in a Portrait format.  Standing 1m tall and 1/2m wide and weighing in the region of 12-stone. As the Pineapple was to be centred on a large round, black granite table in the middle of the room, we had to carefully think about the lighting.  Dramatic, theatrical but not obtrusive.  Electricity was a problem - they didn't want power cables crossing the room to the table or lighting stands dominating the restaurant room.  The restaurant is elegant, sophisticated and beautifully laid out for fine dining - not power cables, lights and stands!    We chose high-powered battery operated LED lights to do the job. Lights were placed behind the sculpture and angled at just right to achieve the best refraction lighting possible. We wanted the pineapple sculpture to literally shimmer and shine. The lighting and staging of the ice sculpture is as important as the carving of the sculpture itself. 

No matter how good or spectacular the carving may be, the setting and lighting are just as, or sometimes more important. We could have carved the Pineapple in a Landscape format; on its side.  However to create a sense of 'WOW!' and make it a real show-stopper, the pineapple was carved in a Portrait format.  This allowed us to light the pineapple dramatically 'upwards'.  This lighting format would then draw the guests' eyes up and in to the sculpture and thus create a major feature and focal point.

When creating your own setting, think about:

  • Where is the best place (in the room) for guests to be visually 'hit' by the sculpture?
  • Are there any distractions behind the sculpture?
  • Can a black or dark drape be hung behind the sculpture to create a lighting contrast?

We are more than happy to discuss staging of your sculpture - after all we want it to look more than spectacular for you.




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