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Female Torso-1

Female Torso Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

Adam e-mailed with various Vodka Luge suggestions for his birthday.  We sent him a quotation along with various pictures along the ideas he had.  After numerous e-mails, we finally whittled down the long list to a short-list.  He had some great ideas!  In the end a Female Torso won out as the one to be made.

Adam is a Vodka Luge 'pro' - he has had a number before and knew what to expect.  This was the first time he had ordered one from us - from his Testimonial and what he said on the day, I think he was impressed at what we could do.

Your Female Torso.

We can create the torso (within reason) to your specification.  She is a big lady - weighing-in at something like 15-stone (though you wouldn't know from just looking at her). With a Female Torso Vodka Luge we drill through the ice two channels - one up top and one below.  The entry point being at the highest point. If you just want one channel - let us know and that is what we'll create for you.

As she is in Portrait format (standing 1m tall off the table and 1/2m wide) a strong sturdy table will be required .  The physical size of the drain tray is approximately 1/2m (50cm) square. At Adam's party, the Vodka Luge was placed on a table  'in the garden' with the thick-bore tubing just draining into the ground behind the Vodka Luge.  Although not obligatory, if your party is 'indoors' - a bucket to catch the melting ice is suggested. 15-stone of frozen ice melting will produce a rather BIG puddle in the end!


Side view of Female Torso Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice


Female Torso-1

Female Torso-1Double channel Female Torso Vodka Luge

Female Torso-1

Double channel Female Torso Vodka Luge


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