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Dragon Dragon's Head

Dragon's Head Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

Michael wanted to surprise his son and daughter-in-law with a Vodka Luge at their wedding.  Michael knew exactly what he wanted - a Dragon and in particular Dragon's Head.  He sent us a picture and we replicated the image into ice, delivered it on time and set it up.


The Dragon was created / carved from a sinlge 20-stone ice block, it took several hours (just over half a day) to carve it.  The end result was a spectacular Dragon Vodka Luge weighing in the region or 12-13 stone.  Carved in a Portarit format the Dragon stood a commanding 1m tall and 1/2m wide.

For extra dramatic effect, we suggested to Michael to have a dark backdrop behind the Dragon.  The LED lighting bouncing up, through and around the sculpture would make it stand out against a dark backdrop. The human eye cannot comprehend great extremes of colours - hence the whiteness of the sculpture will jump out at the viewer if placed against a dark background.


No. of Ice Blocks - ONE
Item - Ice Sculpture or Vodka Luge
Format - Portrait
Height - 1m x 1/2m wide
Weight 100-120kg
Text - No

Delivery to venue - Yes
Complete set-up of sculpture at venue - Yes
Lighting included - Yes
Lighting set-up created for you at venue - Yes
Drain Tray - Yes
Thick-bore Tubing - Yes
12-point Check Assessment - Yes

Even though Michael, as you can see gave us a Video Tesimonial (below), a few days after the Wedding he wrote to us:

Hi Chris.

Just a quick note to re emphasise how impressed everybody was with the dragons head sculpture you provided for Stefanies wedding at Walworth Castle 10/10/15.
Everybody was impressed and was asking where we got it from so hopefully you may get some more business in the future.The service you provided was second to none and we cant think of a single thing to complain about( it was still recognisable the next morning).Once again thanks and it was a pleasure dealing with yourselves.
Many Thanks

Mike & Christine Lipecki


Side view of Dragon's Head Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice


Dragons Head Michael Liplecki Testimonial

Dragons Head  Michael Liplecki TestimonialDragon' Head Testimonial

Dragons Head Michael Liplecki Testimonial

Dragon' Head Testimonial

Dragons Head Vodka Luge

Dragons Head Vodka LugeDragon's Head Vodka Luge

Dragons Head Vodka Luge

Dragon's Head Vodka Luge


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