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BDSA Molar - 2019

The 2019 BDSA Molar Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

The BDSA Molar; Hatty Wilcock is a true Professional and a person who KNOWS how to organize and throw a party.  In her case, it is called a 'Ball' with over 400 guests!

Each year The BDSA (British Dental Student Association) hold an annual Conference.  In 2018 it was held in Cardiff. In 2019 in the Holte Suite at Aston Villa Football Club in Birmingham. It is a gathering of young professionals and undergraduates to learn, listen and attend lectures covering various Dentistry issues, concerns and aspects to the industry.  The last night finishes with a large and exciting Ball.

Carving the BDSA Molar

Hatty initially e-mailed us asking if we could cave a "Molar" (tooth).  Over the years we have carved for a number of Dental Colleges around the country - Graduation Balls and events.  The answer naturally was , 'Yes, we can'. Hatty over the phone explained what she wanted. From the moment one engages with Hatty, one knows she is 'on the ball', a professional and someone to take seriously.  She knew exactly what she wanted.  She even created a drawing of the Molar and the text she wanted on the front of the BDSA Molar.

For us,  carving the BDSA Molar was not a problem nor engraving text on the front. The BDSA Molar design was taking shape. The specifications had to be:

  • 1m Tall
  • Self-supporting and recognizable sculpture of a Molar
  • A Vodka Luge
  • Have the text BDSA initials on the front

Hatty also wanted the Vodka Luge manned with a professional person to guide, help and pour the Vodka she was supplying. She did not want a 'Free-for-All' situation.  This was not a problem for us.  We also provided 300+ Ice Shot Glasses as part of our Ultimate Vodka Luge Experience Package.  This package is an Event Organizer's Dream Package as it provides everything needed for the Vodka Luge; it provides just about everything needed - apart from a table and the Vodka itself.

With so many guests, a Ball of this size can be a little chaotic.  Vodka Luges are VERY popular with high footfall flocking to the Luge to 'have a go'.  They are interactive, provide a focal point and provide thousands of opportunities for selfies!  If the number of selfies taken is the judge of how successful and evening can be, The BDSA Molar Vodka Luge was way beyond extremely successful and massively popular!

With guests having 'multiple goes' on the luge, it needed some to be there to organize and take control. The evening was another success for the brilliant and well-organized Hatty.

Every-so-often we come across people we instantly love and love to work with.  Hatty is definitely one of those people.




BDSA Molar Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice
Molar Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice



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