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Hunt Ball Hound

Hound Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

For the past four years we have carved and created a Vodka Luge for The Dubarry Horn and Hound Ball - The Hunt Staff Benefit Society held at the Centaur Building in Cheltenham Racecourse. This year Lucy (Head of Fund Raising) chose a 'Hound' as the sculpture to be crafted.  She sent through a number of images and designs for us to select an appropriate pose.  The one we liked was of a hound sitting, looking attentive and alert.

The format of the picture she sent suited a Portrait carved design. In the majority of times, the design will actually dictate the format. This particular design suited the Portrait format without question; 1m high by 1/2m wide (and 1/4m in depth). After creating the ice block (around 6-days) James set about using first a chainsaw to create the rough design. Once done, for the finer details a smaller set of hand tools (drills with various shaped tool bits) were used to create the ears, eyes and expression.

It is all well-and-good having a picture, however the skill in ice carving is 'seeing' the final version or design in your mind's-eye before one makes a single cut to the ice.  Perspective and the right proportions are key.  Get this wrong and the whole design is 'thrown-out' of kilter and looks totally wrong.  We all (you and us) find it far easier to see what is wrong, than what is right. Carving the head too big or even too small will alter the overall look of the sculpture. James is a phenomenal and very skillful ice carver.

The Hound Luge was delivered to the Centaur building for the Ball, setup on a very tall rostrum. We lit it with theatrical LED lights using the technique of refraction for the light to enter the luge and bounce and refract into the ice.  We placed ice shards into the drain tray and made sure everything was just right for the guests to have a fantastic time with the Luge.  By all accounts it was a very successful evening, with Lucy calling the Luge "AMAZING" (a text and using capitals sent through to us the next day!)  We love to please and obtain wonderful feedback from our clients.

No. of Ice Blocks - ONE
Item - Ice Sculpture or Vodka Luge
Format - Portrait
Height - 1m x 1/2m wide
Weight 80-120kg
Text - No

Delivery - Yes
Set-up at venue - Yes
Lighting - Yes
Lighting set-up - Yes
Drain Tray - Yes
Thick-bore Tubing - Yes

Dubarry Horn and Hound Ball Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice



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