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Ice sculpture for Wedding

Ice Sculpture for Wedding

An Ice Sculpture for Wedding is an ice block generally 1mx1/2mx1/4m with a Wedding themed design; without a drilled channel for drink to be poured through.

The Ice Sculpture for wedding can be carved in a Portrait (1m tall x 1/2m wide) or Landscape (1m wide x ½ tall) format or in some instances, a mixture of both!  The shape or design will often dictate the format of the Ice Sculpture.

Ice sculpture for Wedding - a rearing horse

Some Brides and Grooms opt for an Ice Sculpture that is, an ice design without a channel drilled through the ice for various reasons, for example:

Ice Sculptures for Religious reasons

There are a few world religions and doctrines that forbid alcohol to be drunk at any time: even at weddings and at celebration times. These religions include:

  • Bábi Religion
  • Baháʼí Faith
  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Jainism
  • Sikhism

Creating a Vodka Luge would thus be inappropriate and not right for the ceremony or the celebrations.  In these instances, an Ice sculpture would be the right approach to take and the right thing to have and not a Vodka Luge. See wedding ice sculpture ideas

An Ice sculpture design tends to have more thought and design elements carefully planned by the bride and groom prior to contacting us (though not always). 

Ice sculpture for Wedding - a Lord Ganesh

The design feature be it a deity, a religious image or symbol in an ice sculpture for wedding (for religious brides and grooms) is generally more important than providing a fun drinking sculpture for guests. The Ice Sculpture will be a focal point to the room and have a special meaning or symbolism.

The Ice Sculpture for wedding is there to be admired, add an extra dimension to the proceedings, enhance the atmosphere or simply to impress. There are many reasons why to have an Ice Sculpture for Wedding s.

Vodka Luges (as opposed to ice sculptures) are for fun, frivolity and can be more interactive between guests to enjoy.  The design element is important, but generally it is not the main or key factor. The alcohol side in Vodka Luges is generally, the most important aspect. Although it may not be the hosts intention to get guests ‘drunk’ or intoxicated, a Vodka Luge does encourage people to drink a tad more than they would usually.

Ice Sculptures for non-Drinkers.

For teetotallers and abstainers from alcohol, more than likely there would be no alcoholic drinks at their wedding, reception, or celebration party. If the bride and groom were totally against alcohol being served, then an Ice Sculpture is the right thing to have and not a Vodka Luge.

If the bride and groom were to be a tad lenient to their guests, a Vodka Luge could be carved but not necessarily be used as a Luge. Just because a Vodka Luge is carved, it does not mean it has to be used as one.  A Vodka Luge is an Ice Sculpture with the addition of a channel drilled through the ice.

Vodka Luge is a bit of a misnomer.  Technically it really should be called a Drinks Luge.

There will be no major difference in design, shape and look of the finished article between an Ice Sculpture and a Vodka Luge.  Many guests would not even know if it is a Vodka Luge or an ice sculpture without looking closely for the tell-tale signs!  See wedding ice sculpture ideas


Too Many underage children

If there is a large proportion of children (under 18) at the wedding, the B&G may decide not to have a Vodka Luge but an ice sculpture instead of their choice.

Ice sculpture for Wedding - a Sword in the stone from Passion for Ice

With Our Vodka Luges, it is not the case that only alcohol can be poured through them.  Soft drinks, Mocktails and the like can be used without any problems.

Instead of just drilling a channel through the ice (as many ice companies just do to technically turn it in to a Vodka Luge), we go one step further. We insert a plastic tubing (sheaf) right along the entire drilled ice channel.  This allows any drink to be poured without the taste or residue being left in the channel. Gravity whisks any liquid down and out of the plastic tube. The ‘roughness’ of the drilled ice in the channel can hold onto the alcoholic drink if a plastic sheaf is not used.

Ice Sculptures Designs not suitable

Some designs brides and grooms ask for will simply not allow us to drill a channel through the ice.  There needs to be a certain amount of thickness to support the channel. 

Ice sculpture for Wedding - a Unicorn from Passion for Ice

There is a chance the sculpture could collapse if there is not enough ice to support the drilled channel. Thin, delicate, or intricate Ice Sculpture designs do not lend themselves to be made into a vodka Luge.

There are many traditional Ice Sculpture for wedding designs such as Hearts, Doves, Swans, Rings and so forth.  The traditional designs are tried and tested however, more and more brides and grooms are opting for unusual, more personal, and more meaningful designs than in the past. This is not a problem to go down this new path and is very much welcomed.  However, considerable thought must be thought about the final design.


Questions to ask or think about.

Q - Do we want an Ice Sculpture or a Vodka Luge at our Wedding?

  • Landscape of Portarit Format

  • Is there a particular design or shape wanted?

Q - What is the purpose of the Ice Sculpture?

  • Where is it to be placed?
  • Will the location (where we put it) play a big part in its use?
  • Do we want a Landscape or Portrait format sculpture?

What is the purpose of the Vodka Luge?

  • Is it for fun and drinking games?
  • To impress our guests.
  • An activity for guests to participate in.
  • To enhance and help the atmosphere?
  • A tool for guests to mingle, be social and have a good time with?

Q - Do we have any religious objections in having a Vodka Luge?

  • Does it ‘go against’ my religious teachings and beliefs?
  • My religious beliefs have no baring on having a Vodka Luge.
  • We will not use it, but I want my non-religious guests to have a good time with it.
  • Soft drinks can be poured through the Luge – no alcohol will be present in the room or at the venue for our guests.

Q - How many underage guests (children) will be in attendance?

  • Will the children use it only for soft drinks or is there a chance they will obtain alcohol and pour it through the Luge?
  • Will a Drinks Luge be a great distraction and fun thing for children to do?
  • Can we be inventive and create fun names, and drinks for the children to use in the drinks Luge?

Q - Does the Vodka Luge need to be manned by someone?

  • No – Only a few underage guests in attendance, therefore not needed.
  • No – we will limit the number of bottles at the Luge for guests to use.
  • No – Only a few guests like to drink, not the majority.
  • No – it is not that sort of party / reception.
  • Yes - Because of the number of underage guests in attendance.
  • Yes - Too many guests love to drink and may ‘over-use it’.
  • Yes - I like it to be professionally looked after.

Q - Who will manage or look after the Vodka Luge if required?

  • A venue staff member?
  • A Passion for Ice staff?
  • By one of our friends or guests (volunteering)?
  • We will pay a part-time helper to look after the Luge.


These are just a few questions in deciding whether to have an Ice Sculpture or Vodka Luge.