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Oscar - Naughty

The Oscar with a willy Vodka Luge


What else do you have when it's your 18th birthday, the theme to your party is Hollywood with a long red carpet and two giant Oscars at the entrance?  A Vodka Luge in the shape of The Oscar Statue with a rather large willy.  If you're female of course, and she was!

Unconventional but hey, what a GREAT idea and something really, really different.  We also loved the idea.  I am certain at the party with a lot of 18 year olds, it was a great hit, especially with the young ladies.

The entrance of the channel (to pour the alcohol through) was the top of his head.  The exit point, well I am sure you can imagine where we drilled the channel of this Vodka Luge to exit!

Jenny was the organizer for the party and did a phenomenal and very professional job.  Anytime you need someone to organize your party (the attention to detail was just brilliant) just ask and I'll put you in touch with her. 

We all know it as The Oscar, but its correct name is The Academy Award of Merit.  First awarded in 1929.  The Naughty Oscar; first awarded in 2014.

No. of Ice Blocks - ONE
Item - Ice Sculpture or Vodka Luge
Format - Portrait
Height - 1m x 1/2m wide
Weight 100-120kg
Text - No

Delivery to venue - Yes
Complete set-up of sculpture at venue - Yes
Lighting included - Yes
Lighting set-up created for you at venue - Yes
Drain Tray - Yes
Thick-bore Tubing - Yes
12-point Check Assessment - Yes



"Oscar" with a big willy

"Oscar" with a big willy

"Oscar" with a big willy


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