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FREEBIES with EVERY Sculpture

2015 was our tenth year in business - to celebrate this in 2016, we want this 2016 year to be the very best so we have decided to offer something VERY special and different - something we have not done before - to give FREEBIES!  We tried it in 2015 and saw a HUGE response - so we know we are on the right track!

We will GIVE you the following for FREE:

  • 50 Ice Shot Glasses - FREE
  • 30 Plastic shot glasses - FREE


We're giving ALL this away FREE of CHARGE with every Vodka Luge or Ice Sculpture when ordered for delivery on a week day - Monday to Thursday ONLY.


 These are the same Ice Shot Glasses you'd get in the Professional Ice Caves and Bars in London, New York, Sweden, Norway and so forth around the world. They honestly do make a difference when using a Vodka Luge.


Thinking About a Sculpture?
If you are just 'thinking' about having a Vodka Luge or Ice Sculpture  - DON'T just think, request a quotation today via our CONTACT form and then decide!   Asking or requesting a quotation does NOT bind you in any way what-so-ever and we won't call or bug you about it (unlike PPI, Mobile Phones, Boiler repairs and all the rest of junk calls we all seem to get these days - yep, we don't like them either! - so we won't do it to you.)



We are human and do exist (really we do), if in doubt, give us a call on 0800 999 3060 and let's talk about your party, function or event.