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Rialto Bridge (Venice)

Rialto Bridge Ice Sculpture from Passion for Ice

The Rialto Bridge Ice Sculpture of Venice.


The first Rialto bridge crossing the Grand Canal, was constructed out of wood in 1255. Over the years through revolting Italians and various burning down sessions, it was replaced in 1310. It collapsed in 1444 under the sheer weight of Venetians watching a Grand Canal parade. Lo and behold it happened again 1524 !

This must have got the authorities rather annoyed to say the least. In 1503 the local big-wigs muted the construction of not a wooden bridge but this time a stone one. Plans got under way from 1551. In 1591 the stone version we see today was unveiled in all its glory and splendor. It still has market traders selling all manner of (touristy) goods as it has done for the past 100+ years!

This Ice Sculpture is IDEAL for:

  • Masquerade Balls
  • Venetian soirees
  • Italian Parties
  • Lovers
  • intimate Italian Foodie parties


No. of Ice Blocks - ONE or TWO (two is better)
Item - Ice Sculpture
Format - Portrait / Landscape
Height - 1m x 1/2m wide (each block)
Weight 80-120kg (each block)
Text - No

There are so many famous landmarks in Venice, the Rialto bridge is just one of them - truly incredible and beautiful.





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