Hotmail, Outlook and Live

If you are sending us an e-mail using Live, Hotmail or Outlook, we are having a few technical issues receiving e-mails using just these applications. 

Some Russians have been trying, I say trying to hack our website but have not got too far.  Don't worry, we are NOT like the big telecommunications companies and keep sensitive data on our website (!) However, the Russian 'hackers' has messed-up us receiving e-mails from these three e-mail applications. 

Our tech guys are working on it.  Hopefully by next week we will be 'back to normal'  In the meantime, if you wish to send an enquiry,  PLEASE either:

  • Use our CONTACT US form
  • Telephone us (0845 2300 337), or
  • Semaphore

November 2015 Party FREEBIES


We are giving FREEBIES with every sculpture - read about what we are giving away with YOUR Vodka Luge  For Orders for November 2015  ...find out more




You are unique. Your party, function or event should be too!

This is where we can help. We are creative (without being over-the-top) and realistic when it comes to budgets and ideas for parties.

Creating ice sculptures is notoriously difficult, what with making the ice blocks just right and then keeping them at the right temperature to carve, delivering them in tip-top condition and finally setting them up at the venue can be a challenge. However, the results are stunningly breathtaking. No wonder ice sculptures have become a popular feature of high-profile parties and glamourous weddings across the world!

Our website can give you only a glimpse of what we can do and have done. Our inspiration comes from you. We have two Ice sculptors and between them we can create anything from: inexpensive, simple and innovative designs through to mega-ice caves and highly intricate carvings.

We are specialists in Vodka luges, Ice sculptures, Ice bars, Twisters, ice table decoration.

If you have ANY questions, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 2300 337 or e-mail us at - we are here to help!