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Talavera Sphinx

Talavera Sphinx Testimonial

Egyptian Sphinx Ice Sculpture

The 2nd Anglian Regiment celebrate each year the battle of Talavera. The symbol of the battle (as it was fought in Egypt) is the Talavera Sphinx.  WO2 Steve Whitby called us and asked if we could make one at relatively short notice.  We sprung into action and carved it for him. 

However the day that he wanted it on, we were full booked.  As a company, we will not and do not take any orders for carvings if we cannot deliver on time.  This was just that situation. Luckily Steve had a walk-in freezer we could deliver the Luge to a day ort so early - and this is what we did, hence just the testimonial and not a video of the Talavera Sphinx.

By all accounts, they had a great time!


Military Summer Ball
Kendrew Barracks, Cottesmore
WO2 Steve Whitby