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Moulin Rouge Vodka Luge

Moulin Rouge Vodka Luge Testimonial from Sgt Craig Jones

Moulin Rouge Sign Vodka Luge

Sgt Craig Jones of RAF Cosford contacted us regarding the WO & Sgt's Mess Ball he was orchestrating.  Their theme was Moulin Rouge.

He asked, 'what could you create for us?

We said, 'what would you like?' 

This then started a long dialogue on just about everything to do with Moulin Rouge!  To cut a long story short, we put forward a number of short-listed suggestions (from a long list).  Craig chose the one he liked and thought would best fit in with his ideas and plans.  That is the one we carved.

Creating the Luge to fit the theme of the event is very important - especially to us as it sets the tone and scene to the whole event or function.  Most people have never seen let alone used a Vodka Luge.  We aim for these (first time) eople to say, 'wow, that is amazing!' - hence we do spend as much time as the client wants talking about their sculpture, making suggestions, showing pictures, images and adaptations of things we have seen or have done ourselves.  In the end it pays off.

Military Ball
RAF Cosford
Sgt Craig Jones