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50th Birthday Vodka Luge

50 Vodka Luge Testimonial from Mr Andy Cole

"50" -shaped Vodka Luge

Amanda e-mailed to say she would like a "50" carved from a block of ice for her surgeon husband's 50th Birthday they were having at home.

A beautifull marquee was set-up in the front garden. Inside the tables were decorated with flowers and balloons.  A Band had set-up on a small stage with the DJ to one side. 

The "50" Vodka Luge was set-up next to the bar area; as one walked in, you couldn't miss the bar and the Vodka Luge!

As soon as we unwrapped the Luge, Andy's eyes lit up in excitement.  The Vodka Luge was the icing on the cake.  He and his guests were set for one brilliant night; drinking, dancing and having fun.

50th Birthday Party
Romsey, Hampshire
Mr Andy Cole