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How To Raise Money With A Vodka Luge

Many organizers of Charity Balls or fund raising events tend to reply solely on the income from ticket sales to fund the actual event or function. As a result some events make money (high face-value ticket prices) or lose money (not charging enough).

WHY not turn that situation around and NOT rely on ticket sales to make money?

Let's make the Vodka Luge a big 'pull', a huge 'fascination' an 'intriguing' lure and of course, something that people will want to take part in!

A Vodka Luge is not everbody's cup of tea - but those that do drink alcohol will certainly want to participate in this fund raising novelty.

This is how we are going to making some money for you:

  • Sponsored Banners
  • Leaflet Displays
  • Vodka Luge Raffle
  • Fun Competition
  • Vodka Bottle Donations
  • "Having a-go-ticket"
  • Auction (specific)

Followed by

  • Expenditure and Income Summary

Here are some suggested steps:


Get LOCAL companies involved.

OBJECTIVE: Find 4 companies wanting to display their company banner, poster or hoarding (reasonable size) at your Ball or function for £25.00 each.

This may mean physically visiting, e-mail writing or sending a letter to your local shops, businesses and influential organizations in your town/area. If your cause is 'good enough' they will want to be involved. £25.00 is not a great deal (not like asking £100 or more!) for great advertising and exposure.  The lure is £25.00 - which you should get.  Ask for £100 and most (small) businesses will say no or make an excuse.


Income generated: £100.00

In return for their money:

Place their banner in the entrance hall, just out side the venue for people to see as they walk in to the building or placed around the venue itself. Visible without being obtrusive or overly blatant (like at a football match!)



On a piece of A4 white card/paper, type the name of this sponsor (and the others) along with a brief description of what they do, offer or sell (if it is not obvious). Place this on a 'table stand' next to the Vodka Luge. This simply promotes or re-emphasizes the company's message.


This does not actually cost you anything - but will mean the world to the company. Add their logo if you able.


Give them a mention in the Ball / Party programme.


Give the company (or company boss) a verbal thanking during the speeches. A brief description of what they do or offer never goes a miss!


OBJECTIVE: Find 5 (or more) companies wanting to display their company literature and business cards at your Ball or function for £10.00 each. They may wish also to donate 'free samples' for your guests to take home.


Income generated: £50.00

In return for their money:


Designate one or two tables in reasonably prominent places to lay out the companies literature, pamphlets, business cards and so forth. The idea is to generate goodwill, visibility for them and something of interest for your guests.

This idea costs you nothing - but can lead to business for the compan y advertising' or being a sponsor.


Give them a mention in the Ball / Party programme as a 'secondary-level' sponsor.


Give the company a quick verbal thanking during the speeches. A brief description of what they do or offer never goes a miss (but not as long as a £25.00 sponsor!)



OBJECTIVE: Create a raffle for the Vodka Luge - separate from your main raffle (assuming you are having one of course). The difference between THIS raffle and your main one being; your tickets will go on sale as soon as your Ball/function is publicized and are NOT sold during the Ball.

Sell tickets for £2.00 each (this is after all to raise money for a good cause is it not!)

Organize an army of helpers. The more people selling raffle tickets, the more money you'll raise and the less each person has to sell!

Tickets: Aim to sell at least 200 tickets.

Prizes: When you are visiting companies asking for them to be either a Banner Sponsor or a Leaflet/brochure sponsor, ASK them to donate a prize.

The bigger the prize, the more people will want to win.


In return for their RAFFLE money (£2.00 a raffle ticket):

  Chance to win a BIG prize - tickets are not sold on the night - just in advance.
  a FREE Vodka shot - on the night (or a half price one - it depends on how generous you want to be!)
  One FREE Main Raffle ticket (the one that is sold ONLY on the night) for the door prize when they purchase a door prize raffle ticket - Buy One Get One Free scenario !

Income generated: £400.00


Fun competition

OBJECTIVE: Charge individuals or 'teams' to enter a Vodka Luge game. We have written a Vodka Luge e-book out-lining a few games one can play with a Luge.

It all depends on the ambiance, style or setting for your Ball / Party as to which games you can or would like to play. We do not want to promote or condone drunkenness or disorderly activities, so carefully choosing the game to play is highly important.


Income generated: £50-100.00

In return for winning (and their money):

The winner or winning team will receive a Winners' medal (or certificate- made by your fair hands).


They may win a prize - donated by a company.


Give the winner or winners a verbal thanking during the speeches. Ask them to return next year to be given the chance to maintain their winning status!




OBJECTIVE: Ask a company (or companies) to donate a bottle of vodka (or more than one). Depending on how many guests you are expecting, it is better to have a lot more bottles than not enough.


Income generated: FREE bottles of Vodka

In return for their money:

Make a large poster and place the names of the individuals or companies that have donated a bottle of Vodka. The better the quality of vodka, the closer to the top their names will appear.


Give them a mention in the Ball / Party programme as a donator.


Give the company or individual a quick verbal thanking during the speeches.


OBJECTIVE: Charge £1.50 per person to 'have a go' at the Vodka luge.

Place a LARGE clear jar (over-size whiskey/Champagne bottle) next to the Vodka Luge. Every time someone would like to a go, place their money into the jar. This will give a visual to guests of how much is actually being raised. Some guests will donate without 'having a go'!

Tickets: Aim to sell at least 100 'have a go' tickets.  This could be 100 people having one go, 50 people having two goes or even 30 people havinvg three goes during the evening.

Tip:  Try and have different flavoured Vodkas - not plain Vodkas.  Having flavours is more interesting plus the more flavours the more liklihood the guests will have more than one go - to try the different flavours.

Tip:  ANY Alcoholic drink can be poured through a Vodka Luge - Whiskey, Rum, Gin and so forth; it does not have to be only Vodka. It should really be called a 'Drinks Luge' and not Vodka Luge....

Income generated: £150.00


The Auction

OBJECTIVE: Find a set of valuable prizes to auction. They could be ice or vodka related such as:

  • A rare bottle of vodka
  • A trip to an Ice festival (London, Sweden, Russia...)
  • A Year's supply of ice cubes (52 bags donated by a supermarket?)
  • Free tickets to see Dancing on Ice -type show

Let your imagination run riot with ideas - either expensive prizes or whacky / way-out ideas are needed. This will, of course all depend on your guests, their tastes and their perception of the prizes as to how much they will bid.

Silent versus open auction. The better the prize, the more the leaning to a silent auction.

Have ALL the prizes donated.


Income generated: £100-200.00




Sponsored Banners
Sponsored leaflets
Vodka Luge Raffle
Individual/Team competition
Have a go (at the Luge)


Vodka Luge (+ Delivery)
Raffle tickets (books)
Miscellaneous items (contingency)


The income figures given here are very much on the conservative side. Depending on how much effort, work and of course helpers you have, the income figure can be substantially more, a lot more.

NOTE: not a penny has been used from the sale of tickets to the event for the vodka luge! In fact, over £500.00 can be raised before the date of the event to pay for things (again a conservative figure).


PAYMENT: To help you further, the sooner you get down to implementing these ideas the better however we will not  ask for any money from you until two weeks before your event.  We will not even ask you for a deposit.  This will give you time to bring in some money before the payment date is due.


Done in the right way, we have seen Ball organizers raise more then four times this amount.

The keys are:

  • Planning (knowing what you want to do - create a planning list)
  • Organization (creating a time table of things to do and when)
  • Enthusiasm (WANTING to do it) and
  • Helpers (to help you achieve this goal - you can't do it all yourself!)


If you have any questions regarding this - give us a call on 0800 999 30 60 and we would be more than happy to help.