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How To Attract Attention To Your Business

Corporates on Ice

There are some pretty savvy marketers out there gaining a lot of attention for their Corporate clients. Some of these marketing gurus charge an absolute fortune, even for the simplest of ideas they come up with.

The point of advertising is to attract attention. Good positive attention that lead to enquiries and sales. Not always easy when so many companies are striving to do exactly the same.

Thinking up a new, exciting, different and novel idea can be difficult even at the best of times.

Take a leaf out of one of the best marketed companies in the world - McDonalds.

I don't even have to say what type of company they are or what they sell - everybody simply knows McDonalds is a hamburger fast food chain. Their gurus are good, very good.

McDonalds are ALWAYS trying to come up with new and innovative ideas. They recently ran a campaign using an Ice Sculpture to promote their brand identity even further.

They embedded 4,000 real $1 coins inside an ice sculpture, forming the coins in the shape of their famous golden arches.

The sculpture was placed near a beach on a hot day with a sign underneath that read, "Cool off with $1 drinks."

As the ice sculpture slowly melted people took the coins.

This idea made US and Canadian national news, it created interest and curiosity; people took photos of the sculpture. They posted it to blogs, YouTube, web sites and generally talked about it. It was an inter-active campaign. Without saying 'McDonalds' everyone knew who the arches belonged to.

As McDonalds were actually giving something away, this gesture or 'statement' was or is far more powerful than taking out a full-page advertisement in the local paper. People like novelty and like things for free! Combine the two and you have a winner.

Your turn to make it big.

You may not wish to place 4,000 £1 coins in to the shape of your logo ("our budget is certainly not as big as that by far" ), fair enough. But how about thinking out side the 'box'.

Questions to ask yourself:

What is the most popular thing (or things) you:

  • Sell
  • Manufacture
  • or even the Service you give?

If your service, facility, product or idea is in reasonable demand, an ice sculpture is a new and different way to get your message over to the public.

You may be saying, "but I don't have a shop or premises that are visible to walk-by trade".

How about a co-op "advert" or campaign with someone who does? Split the costs right down the middle: That's full advertising with half the cost!

Take space in:

  • A shopping centre/Mall (this will help them enormously in gaining footfall to the shopping centre)
  • A park
  • A Library
  • Your Dentist surgery, doctors' surgery etc.
  • A department store
  • Community Centre
  • On the beach (as McDonalds did!)
  • On 'Market' day (if you have one of course)
  • Town Square or centre

What shape of Ice Sculpture to have?

This is almost like saying, "how long is a piece of string?" The shape will be determined or derived by your business or they type of attention you wish to attract. The whackier or crazier the idea the greater the attention!

Let's cover shapes, sizes, text, placement and so forth in a minute. First let's make a quick summary:


Ice Sculptures can be used in ANY market. It does not matter what you do or sell, if you advertise (even word of mouth) for business, an Ice Sculpture will work.

How to measure its success

If the sculpture is placed  at an event (Spring, Summer, Autumn or even a Winter event), you will know the numbers of people that attend the event and thus can gauge a 'success' rate. Organizers tend to keep a record of this to attract newcomers to the event for the following year.

If placed in a shop window, you can track the amount of people looking in at certain times of the day. Physically counting.  If business cards, leaflets, coupons are placed in front of the window - by placing an exact amount, you will know how many are taken. Those that take a leaflet or business card not necessarily will purchase there and then, but are potential customers in the future.

Couple this with an online 'competition', contest, quiz or some other inter-active procedure, you will easily be able to track numbers. By asking for e-mail addresses (or other contact details) you will have 'already interested' potential customers.

If the 'value' of the object/item in the ice sculpture is of significant value to people (and it might not be monetary value) - they will call back to see when the sculpture has melted sufficiently to retrieve the product/item - if that is the idea, it doesn't have to be!


Targeting specific demographics can be achieved by ice sculptures - this includes the shape, the content of the ice sculpture or even the 'attitude' to the campaign. Match the shape and product with the age group or target group you wish to hit.

Who has used Ice Sculptures for advertising?

Many medium and large companies have realized ice sculptures are:

  • Inexpensive compared to a page advert/campaign
  • Have mass appeal
  • Are a novelty advertising medium
  • Create lots of interest
  • Can be demographically orientated for best results

Companies such as:

McDonald's, Volkswagen, Absolut, Google, Chevrolet, Virgin, Heart FM and many, many others have reaped the benefit.

When one sees other companies using it to great effect - it's a 'why didn't I think of that' moment!

Think out-of-the-box and you'll have other local companies thinking, 'why didn't I think of that' from YOUR campaign.

This is a VERY brief outline of some of the possibilities you can use to 'sell more'.