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George Formby Tribute Act

George Formby Truibute Act from Passion for Ice

George Formby Tribute Act

In Wigan, Lancashire on May 26th 1904 George Formby popped in to the world (born George Hoy Booth). He was destined to be one of the highest paid entertainers in the 1930's and 1940's.  His demeanor, cheekiness and innocent boy-ish look appealed to a very wide audience of the era.  As a singer-songwriter, comedian and actor, he 'got-away' with a lot more double-entendre lyrics than most did of the time, though the BBC did ban his song "With My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock" written in 1937 for its naughty and suggestive lyrics.

Many of his songs have become household tunes; still remembered and sung with affection. In his career, spanning 1921 to around 1961, he appeared in over 25 films and wrote countless classic' tunes.

Our Tribute Act is,  in just about every respect is a clone of George Formby; You will (as thousands have been) thoroughly entertained, taken back to a bygone era and have a wonderful time singing and being part of the 1940's... again


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