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Cocktail Bar Hire

Cocktails from Drinks Bar Hire




Hire a Cocktail Bar with all the right equipment - at one low price


Parties can be expensive - that's why we have created a low cost set of packages that include everything for YOU to be the bar tender, Cocktail Mixologist or even Flair Mixologist.

Putting on a party does not have to cost the earth. Let's show you how!


Welcome to...  Drinks Bar Hire


The Package includes:

The Bar 1 x Professional Mobile Cocktail Bar                        
Bar Equipment         

1 x Boston Can
1 x Boston Glass
1 x Cocktail Shaker
1 x Muddler
1 x Mojito Muddler       
1x 25ml Cocktail Jigger
1x 35ml Cocktail Jigger
1x 50ml Cocktail Jigger
1 x Large bar stirrer
2 x Juice Pourers
1 x Pro Lime Squeezer
1 x Citrus Zester
6 x Speed Pourers
1 x Hawthorn Strainer
2 x Glass Jugs
1 x Ice Scoop
1 x large Chopping Board
1 x Small Chopping Board
1 x Cork screw
1 x Pro Bar Blade
1 x Oversized Martini Glass
1 x Cocktail Menu Holder
2 x Anti-slip Trays

FREE Extras

Small Black Napkins
100 x Cocktail Sticks
1 x Pack Party Poppers

Boston Can
Cocktail Jigger

Cocktail Straws

Large Martini Glass

Hawthorn Strainer

Cocktail Shaker
Juice Pourers


Cocktail Napkins

Pro Lime Juicer

Bar Stirrer
Glass Jugs

Cocktail Sticks

Speed Pourers

Party Poppers

Additional Items that can be supplied:

5' Folding banqueting tables, or
6' Folding banqueting tables

Rubber matting (for behind the bar) 0.9 x 1.5m

The Cocktail Bar package is ONLY available in the following Counties:


Delivery and Pick-up
The Package (Cocktail bar and equipment) will be either delivered on the morning of the Party/Function
or the day before.

A check-list will be gone through with you the client and a signature for everything left.

Pick-up will either be the following day, on the Monday following the event or by arrangement

Breakages, Damages or Loss
Each item naturally has a monetary value.  Each Page of items will be signed for as delivered in good working order.  
Upon pick-up, each item will need to be accounted for. Any items lost, broken or damaged will be charged for.

Cocktail Bar
All Cocktail equipment outlined above
The Free extras do not have to be replaced or returned

Price - POA

Terms and Conditions

The above package is for a one-night hire only.
The Package will only consist of a Professional Cocktail Bar and the listed Cocktail making items.
All items are to be returned in a clean, good working order.
The Free Extras (items listed) do not have to be replaced or returned.
The Hire fee is to be paid in full before the Hire Date.
A Credit Card deposit will need to be made.  Money will not be deducted from your credit card, but will be if
items are lost, stolen or damaged. You will be sent an invoice outlining this before any money is deducted.