About Us

About us at Passion for Ice


We have been in business for some for ten years now. Our office is (as of February 2014) based in Coventry having been in Kenilworth (all of 5 miles away) for the past 9 years.

We are NOT an anonymous 'Internet' face-less business (as so many are these days). Although most of our business is done over the Internet admittedly, we do like to meet customers/clients where we can talk about things over a cup of coffee (or tea!)

To save on delivery costs, we have a facility where by clients can pick-up their Luge/Ice sculpture directly from our two freezer unit warehouses if they choose. 

Please note an ice sculpture or Vodka Luge can weigh anything up to 18-stone depending on the desgn.  We personally use hydralic trollies to move the sculptures around.  You may need to think of the logistics and the sheer man-power at the venue end if you are transporting this sort of weight yourself.  Estate cars work best from getting from us to your venue- 'ordinary' saloon cars may prove to be difficult or impossible to move a sculpture.

If you do wish to pick-up your sculpture, please give us reasonable notice that you are coming; give us a call first - we will talk you through what you'll need (vehicle and insulation packing, back boards and the various things you will need for example).

Our Parties

We've supplied for Celebrity parties, small and large corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries (of all sorts) and of course for weddings; from the weird and wonderful to the tried and tested conservative shapes!

In the span of those twelve years we have met some amazing people with incredible companies. We have become (because of our contacts) in effect a 'party company' as well (unintentionally); helping, suggesting and making our client' parties phenomenal. We're not party organizers per se and never set out to be one. We just have lots and lots of experience at supplying and putting on parties our selves so it seemed natural to expand what we do.

We specialize in anything to do with carving 'ice' (that is our first and main business,) but we can also help you with:


  • Cocktail bars
  • Magicians
  • Champagne bars
  • Cardboard cutouts
  • Celebrity face-masks
  • Fire Eaters and acts
  • James Bond Lookalikes
  • Circus Acts
  • Angle Grinders
  • Incredible Chocolate Fountains
  • Waiters, Hosts/hostesses

...and lots, lots more.


We are not event organizers, but somehow we have the knack and have the contacts to provide a LOT of entertainment services.

Who is at the other end of the phone?

There is a good chance either Chris (me), Christine or Molly will be in the office. It all depends on whose turn it is to make the tea when you call.  We are highly democratic in this time honoured British institution!

Danny and James are in the freezer making the pieces.  Danny mainly hand-carves and James is our Ice CNC machine/computer expert.

Leading up the rear (in the nicest possible way) is Alan who makes sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.  He is the 'Boss' of the carvers and looks after delivery schedules and just about everything else!

Me, I just own Passion for Ice!  If you ever have ANY questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me personally. Like all of us, we are here to help. I also do my share of the deliveries and set-ups - you may get to meet me!

Chris Tabor
Passion for Ice